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REISS SmartClean offers a furnishing solution which takes into account the increasing hygienic requirements in public spaces and offices, especially in offices with rotating workplaces and co-working spaces. Desks and storage solutions with REISS SmartClean have special antibacterially active surfaces that minimise the transmission of germs by touch.

In addition, the surfaces are very easy to clean, they possess excellent mechanical properties and they are resistant to common disinfectants. REISS office furniture with SmartClean ot only offer quality and function at the highest level but additional health protection – a real advantage for workplaces in:

  • Care and health facilities
  • Public facilities
  • Offices
  • Buildings with high public traffic
  • Scientific institutions
  • Laboratories

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The antibacterially active surface of REISS SmartClean inhibits the growth of bacteria which are exposed to the antibacterial agent in the furniture surface.

The biocidal substances in the antibacterial agent disturb important cell functions, disrupt cell division and multiplication and eventually kill the bacteria. The antibacterial effect of SmartClean is only limited to the material surface.

The antibacterial agent does not pass over objects and food on the furniture surface, and does not emit into the room air. In addition, the active substances are completely harmless to humans and can be used safely in food-processing industries.

Basic cleaning is performed with commercial detergents or grease-dissolving all-purpose cleaners and hot water. It is essential to avoid abrasive detergents and sponges which irreparably damage the surface structure. Balsam detergents may leave a film on the furniture surface and are thus not suitable. Contact with aggressive cleaning agents or decalcifiers should be limited, drops should be removed immediately.

Intensive cleaning is performed with usual grease-dissolving detergents suitable for plastic surfaces, following manufacturer‘s instructions. It generally includes spraying and soaking followed by basic cleaning. Before the first use, it is recommended to test the detergent on a non-visible spot.

Decorative laminates are also suitable for special cleaning performed in e.g. nursing and medical facilities. They are resistant to disinfectants based on:

• Alcohols: e.g. Ethanol 70 %
• Aldehydes: e.g. Formalin 1 % and 5 %
• Phenols: e.g. P-chloro-m-cresol 0.3 %

Strongly dyeing or oxidizing substances (e.g. hydrogen peroxide) can regardless lead to surface changes. These substances should be removed immediately from the surface. REISS does not take any liability for self-inflicted damages.


White grey, antibacterially active


White grey RAL 9002, antibacterially active

Für seine Ausstattungslinie REISS SmartClean wurde das Unternehmen auf der Clusterkonferenz Kunststoffe und Chemie am 22. November 2017 mit dem „Brandenburger Innovationspreis Kunststoffe und Chemie 2017“ ausgezeichnet. Die mit antibakteriell aktiv wirksamen Oberflächen ausgestatteten Büromöbel stellen einen wesentlichen Fortschritt in der Arbeitsplatzhygiene dar.

Der Brandenburger Innovationspreis ist mit insgesamt 10.000,- Euro dotiert und wird vom Minister für Wirtschaft und Energie ausgelobt. Die Teilnahme am Wettbewerb um den Innovationspreis zeigt, dass Brandenburg in dieser Branche viele engagierte, kreative und innovative Unternehmen hat.


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