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Concentration and communication, variability and flexibility. Office space today has to effectively promote performance. REISS Acoustic Solutions enable room structures that create optimal audibility and ensure productive work. Acoustically effective components for table systems, in storage spaces as well as the room layout provide an efficient and sustainable effect on the room atmosphere.

What’s more, acoustic solutions offer an effective instrument with respect to health protection and occupational safety. With the products of the REISS Calo 22 and 42 acoustic programs, infection protection and maintaining safety distances become a colorful, customizable design element in open plan/offices and public facilities. From pinnable fabric, magnetic whiteboards or clear acrylic glass – there are no limits to your imagination when redesigning rooms under aspects of infection protection.

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REISS Calo 22

High sound absorption, low weight and easy, safe installation characterize the system REISS Calo 22.


REISS Calo 42

Whether as a table attachment or a partition wall – Acoustic solutions REISS Calo 42 integrate itself perfectly into the room and the workplace.


REISS Acoustic Components

Storage system sound-absorbing fronts as well as the fitted rear panels allow selective influence of the room acoustics.


Akustik im Büro: Grundlagen

Dass Lärm Einfluss auf Gesundheit und Arbeitsvermögen haben kann, ist heute fast schon eine Binsenweisheit. Das aber auch Geräusche mit der Lautstärke eines normalen Gesprächs zu psychischer Belastung führen und als Stress empfunden werden, scheint noch nicht ausreichend bekannt zu sein.

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