REISS Trailo® D – Workstation with unique nature

REISS Trailo® D, the table with the distinctive D-shaped base, offers you a profile solution for various requirements in the office space. It is not simply round or square, but a table that combines shapes and emphasises diversity.

As a desk, meeting table, as a bench solution for team workstations or as a high table for the central zone of the office – you set the stage with REISS Trailo® D.

REISS Trailo® D is a classic 4-legged table, available with fixed height or height-adjustable in the sitting range and offers you an additional feature with its REISS Schiene®. Extend your workstation with add-ons or tidy it up quickly using smart details.

BR Trailo EN

REISS Trailo®
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Version: February 2024

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REISS Trailo® Design
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Version: February 2024

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Exellent Design:



2s Bench

high – high table for middle zones


Individual or team workstation – REISS Trailo® D offers you a wide choice. The desks are available in various sizes and table top shapes with both fixed height and height-adjustable in the sitting range. For team players or for setting up co-working workstations, the REISS Trailo® D is also available as a bench solution with 2, 4 or 6 workstations with a fixed height. You can extend the tables using various add-ons.

  • Desks with fixed height 740 mm and height-adjustable in the sitting range, 650-850 mm
  • Desks and team workstations for 2, 4 and 6 people, with fixed height 740 mm
  • Optionally with sliding table top
  • Wide range of accessories and add-ons, both fixed and mobile
  • Optionally with electrification
  • Max. load capacity: 80 kg (per table top)


Communication rooms get a fresh look with REISS Trailo® D. Whether you are looking for a classic meeting table or a table for the central zone of the office as a stand-up meeting point, you can find the table that fits your needs here. Its homely shapes promote informal discussions and creative exchange of ideas. Various electrification options allow power to be supplied via the table. This allows you to connect meeting equipment or your laptops directly via the table.

  • Meeting tables with fixed height 740 mm and height-adjustable in the sitting range, 650-850 mm
  • High tables for the central zone of the office, REISS Trailo® D high, with fixed height, 1,100 mm with ergonomic railing
  • Electrification option with sockets, USB ports or Qi charger
  • Optional stand-alone acoustic baffle
  • High tables optional with wall connection
  • load. capacity: 80 kg for meeting tables, 50 kg for high tables


REISS Trailo® D is made for you and you don’t want to miss it even in your home office. Simply choose the table that suits you and your home – whether as a small variant with little space requirements or as a permanent standard-compliant workstation.