Workstations by REISS

A working atmosphere, the space for individual creation and function oriented design, which produces efficient performance – thus enabling excellent working results. An integrated ergonomic approach for every phase of the working process produces optimum conditions for every working area. With working areas from REISS a livable working space is produced meeting the expectations of the employee.

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REISS Avaro offers the optimal solution for every workplace with the most diverse requirements.

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REISS wall desk

The REISS Wall Desk offers you the full comfort of a workstation and blends seamlessly into your home landscape with its unobtrusive design.

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Small but powerful, and an all-rounder when it comes to communication. Face-to-face at any level or round-table work meeting.

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REISS Standard

REISS STANDARD enables all relevant questions to be answered simply, while still ensuring variety in design.

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REISS Trailo

REISS Trailo®

Unbeatable flexibility, modularity and variety thanks to innovative REISS Rail®.

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REISS Idealo

Even when things get a little more emotional, REISS Idealo convinces in every conversation situation with its straight lines and simple practicality.

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The REISS Eco N2 programme impresses with its diverse equipment and combination options.

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