REISS Calo Sneeze Guard

REISS Calo sneeze guards make direct contact with customers, partners or colleagues safer and much more relaxed. Wherever visual contact is desired and necessary, the almost invisible barriers made of clear acrylic glass allow uncopromised communication and the best possible protection. Thanks to the cutout you can easily exchange documents.

Safe and secure, with REISS Calo sneeze guards:

  • Increased safety – discreet barrier to protect against droplet infection caused by coughing, sneezing or spitting
  • Uncompromised communication – clear acrylic glass for direct visual contact, with cutout for easy exchange of materials
  • Easy to use – as a stand-alone version for free positioning and flexible use wherever it is needed or as an extension to the table top

REISS Calo SPNO – the free-standing hygiene protection wall can be used flexibly wherever protection is needed. On the desk, during the meeting or on the reception or sales counter – REISS Calo SPNO ensures unrestricted communication and the exchange of documents or goods. The anti-slip coating of the feet prevents slipping and guarantees a safe stand of the wall.

REISS Calo SPNTP – the hygienic protective wall for mounting on the desk top is ideal for consultant or row workstations. The clear acrylic provides a full view and easy exchange of documents while providing a protective space at the workstation without restricting the work surface on the desk.
The wall can be easily attached to almost any 25 mm desk top thanks to universal brackets and can be placed individually.

It is best to clean acrylic glass with lukewarm water to which a little dishwashing detergent has been added and use a soft, lint-free cloth, preferably a microfibre cloth. Then wipe again with a slightly damp cloth.
ATTENTION: Only rub the acrylic glass carefully to avoid scratching the surface.

Never wipe acrylic glass dry. This can lead to scratches. In addition, the plate becomes electrostatically charged thereby attracting dust.
To reduce the dust on the acrylic panel, you can also use an antistatic plastic cleaner. To do this, spray the panel with the cleaner and wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth, but never rub dry. The dust-repellent effect is retained over a longer period of time.

Stronger, particularly greasy soiling can be removed with a plastic intensive cleaner, benzene-free benzine (white spirit, light petrol) or isopropanol (2-propanol).
ATTENTION: The cleaning agent should not contain benzene, ethanol, alcohol, organic substances or thinners. These can damage the acrylic glass.

If you want to disinfect your acrylic hygienic protective wall, use isopropanol and a soft cloth. Commercially available disinfectants can attack the acrylic glass. Isopropanol ensures reliable disinfection.

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    Ob als Tischanbau oder Stellwand – mit den Akustiklösungen von REISS Calo schaffen Sie Schutzzonen und regeln Sicherheitsabstände.

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