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“We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don’t do.”


We see the main approaches for socially sustainable action in the satisfaction of our employees, the promotion of inclusion and the commitment to the region. Taking responsibility for local projects, promoting education, sports and culture within the scope of our possibilities is our contribution to the development of the region and benefits not least the families of our employees.

BR Sustainability Report

REISS Sustainability Report with integrated updated Environmental Statement 2024
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Version: April 2024

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Our employees are the foundation for all the services we provide as a company. Their health, safety, satisfaction and loyalty are our top priorities.

  • Occupational safety and health promotion
  • Ensuring the quality of work, i.e. the employment and promotion of our employees according to their abilities.
  • Flexibility in working hours for a good work-life balance
  • Involvement of all employees in company processes and joint events


Supporting and promoting young people in the areas of sport, culture and education as well as supporting social institutions are particularly important in a structurally weak region and a matter of the heart for us.


If we want to make a difference, we have to be a role model for responsible action.

You can read about what this means for us in our

and in how we address participation through inclusion at REISS.

Inclusion with REISS

For us, inclusion is not just a buzzword, but a corporate culture that we live by. We are actively committed to ensuring that people with disabilities have the same opportunities on the labour market as everyone else. Through our measures and offers, we want to contribute to every employee feeling valued and integrated.

In our company we employ about 5 % disabled employees, mainly in the field of assembly and as helpers. Our REISS representative for the severely disabled takes care of the concerns of our affected employees. We are proud that we offer people with disabilities the opportunity to work in our company and to develop professionally. Furthermore, we work in cooperation with a non-profit institution for adults who, due to the nature and severity of their disability, cannot, or not yet, return to work in the general labour market. Read more about this here.

Furthermore, it is important to us to reintegrate employees who have been ill for a long time into everyday working life. To achieve this, we work closely with the employment agency. Together we develop individual measures to facilitate reintegration.


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