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Flexible systems

With its modularity, REISS Trailo® provides you with a wide range of options for setting up workspaces and fits perfectly into your new-work concept. Thanks to the innovative REISS Schiene®, flexibility and mobility are no longer just limited to height adjustment. They also extend to the horizontal level, creating new options to extend your personal workspace. In addition, REISS Trailo® offers ergonomics, more function and innumerable design options using different materials and add-ons.

REISS Trailo®

Current status of 26.04.2022

REISS Trailo® Design-Brochure

Current status of 03.02.2022

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Design by

Excellent design:


REISS Trailo® was developed in collaboration with the Studio for Industrial Design LÄUFER & KEICHEL │ Berlin.

The approach: to develop a table line that meets a wide range of requirements in the office as well as the home & living sector, and at the same time stands out with an individual design.

The idea: Design not only reflected in shape and materials, but also expressed in new functional features. This is how, over various iteration stages, the basic design was created that defines REISS Trailo® today – the REISS Schiene® as the centrepiece in combination with curved table top shapes, various leg designs and table heights, as well as a diverse, homely mix of materials.

Dive into the REISS Trailo® Design.


Customise your workspaces

Different frame types, from the four-legged table to the height-adjustable T-legged table, table tops in various shapes and sizes, as well as a wide selection of colours and décors offer you creative freedom in setting up functional, yet incredibly customised workspaces

Overview of models

With a wide range of variants and functional features, colours and materials, REISS Trailo® allows you to customise your workplace and, at the same time, ensures a harmonious concept for the most diverse spaces, be it office or home & living.

REISS Schiene

Redefining functionality at the workplace

The REISS Schiene® is the centrepiece of the design and the conceptual basis for the modularity and extended functionality of REISS Trailo®. It features a circumferential metal profile under the table top, which both contributes to the frame statics and ensures flexibility in the horizontal direction. This allows the table to be extended in many ways. A trolley, which can be stored in the rail, serves as a support element for mobile add-on elements and accessories.

Highlights and options

  • Different frame legs: REISS Trailo® S/D/R/T
  • Wide range of accessories and add-ons, both fixed and mobile
  • REISS Trailo® T optionally with motorised height adjustment
  • Tables optionally with sliding table top
  • REISS Trailo® high: ergonomic railing
  • Optional electrification with sockets, USB ports or Qi charger
  • Corner radius of the tabletops 200 mm (except oval table top)
  • Max. load capacity; T-legged 100 kg, four-legged including Bench 80 kg,  high tables Trailo® high 50 kg,  Trailo® One  10 kg

Overview of tabletop shapes

You can find the system with all tabletop sizes and shapes in the brochure, Page 34

New décors (Melamine)

Crystal White



Oxide Red

Volcanic Black

Graphite Black

Nordic Teak

Altamira Walnut, dark

Genuine wood 3-layer panels & genuine wood legs

Raw ash, matt varnished

Oak, bleached, matt varnished

Natural oak, matt varnished

Oak black, matt varnished

Existing décor selection


Office White

White grey


Sand Beige

Light grey

White Aluminium


Royal Maple

Maple, pale

Natural Beech

White Beech

Calvados Apple

Noble Cherry

Royal Oak

Lindberg Oak, pale matt

Lindberg Oak, grey


New colours

Signal White RAL 9003

Stone Grey RAL 7030

Umbra Grey RAL 7022

Beige Red RAL 3012

Reed Green RAL 6013

Traffic Yellow RAL 1023

Existing colour selection

White REISS 05

Light Grey RAL 7035

Grey White RAL 9002

Anthracite RAL 7016

Black RAL 9011

Silver RAL 9006

Grey Aluminium RAL 9007

Anthracite Metallic REISS 63

Formfleece colours for accessories

Cable outlets, cable ducts, acoustic baffles, modesty panels

Anthracite, dark

Anthracite, light

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